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The Insight Foundation is a registered not for profit organisation with its main focus on philanthropy - works of good will that generate greater love, wisdom and harmony.

Our vision and focus is to live and breathe transformation - of ourselves, our lives and assisting others to do the same. Change is the only constant and thereby offers possibilities of transforming what is old and outworn into the new, vibrant and clear.

The Insight Foundation has also undergone the rigorous requirements to become a Registered Training Organisation, offering nationally accredited courses across Australia.

By becoming an RTO, The Insight Foundation is able to offer training programs and career pathways for those drawn to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others, we are able to incorporate proven tools for assisting the integration of clarity and heart purity in the areas of personal growth, communication, arts, business, management, wellness, Information Technology and life coaching programs.

The Insight Foundation encourages and promotes a new paradigm of planetary stewardship setting high benchmarks of ethics, equality, heart empowerment and global sustainability.

At the heart of The Insight Foundation is The Global Coaching Community. All our Facilitators have been trained here, integrated and clearing the way for leadership and strong ethical practices to become who they are - individuals embodying change, striving for excellence and taking this into the area of study they are so passionate about and assisting their students to be the best they can be. The Global Coaching Community is about self-empowerment, honouring the free will of humanity and setting boundaries within this. We believe that there are no victims, that we create our own reality, we have a choice in each and every moment. All is but learning and growing through choices and consequences; all paths lead to a greater knowing of Universal Consciousness, there is just a longer or shorter path. Our teachings are about loving, honouring, and sanctifying all four faces of our being, namely the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, clearing out fear based ego patterning and programming and replacing this with unconditional love based patterning and programming.

We welcome you.



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